What We Believe

 Here at Imani, we hold to four fundamental principles that basically give you a scope through which to view everything that we do, preach, or teach. We like to refer to them as the 4 C's of Christianity:

We Have A Passion For The Christ

Christ is foundational to any view of Christianity. There can be no Christianity without Christ, the God-Man, Immanuel-God with Us. He is the reason for our joy and purpose here at Imani. Christ means everything to us and we know that you will learn to appreciate just how much he can make a difference in your life too! At Imani, we have a passion for the Christ.



We Boast In The Cross

The Cross is also foundational, for while we know that relationship with Christ is how we are saved, we also recognize that without his great sacrifice for and triumph over sin, all our efforts would be in vain. Knowing Jesus is more that just a social activity: it's recognizing that he loves me so much, that he sacrificed on the Cross for me. And that's all we boast and are happy about today. Because he sacrificed, our future is secure. We don't boast about how good we are, we boast about how good God is!


We Respect His Commandments  

Millions today live their lives without any idea as to their purpose or even how to reach for their destiny. We recognize that God has provided guidance in the difficult decisions that face us everyday, decisions affecting the quality of time we spend with our families, and the actions that help keep families together. We recognize that God has given each person the right and the responsibility to choose: but we know that the choices we make need to be informed ones. God's Word for us informs us in ways that are a blessing to our families and help each us relate to the relevant issues of the day. And God's Word stands, though thousands of opinions fall.


We Await His Coming

Christians have been called to do and to be a lot of things in this world. But we recognize that we can't fix all the problems of this world. We will try, but God himself has promised us that He will put the finishing touches to a new world, a renewed world. And as Christians, we are called to work with our hands in this world and in our communities, but we are also called to wait with our hearts for the work which only God can do when He returns.